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Date: 27th May 2016
Vulcanizing Agent CR
Technical Data SheetTianyu ? ?CR-40Predispersed rubber ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? chemicals and additivesFunctionVulcanizing AgentDescriptionCompositionMixture of alkyl phenol,Website:http://www.tianyumasterbatch.com, zinc oxide and butyl rubberAppearancelight ?yellow granulesDensity?g/cm3?Approximately 1.18Application NotesUseTianyu CR-40 is a pre-dispersed resin curing agent,which is suitable for butyl rubber and other rubbers to provide vulcanizates with high temperature resistance,especially for butyl curing bladderDosage15-25 PhrPackaging25 kgs in carton box with polyethylene bag linerStorageKeep cool (below 25 ) and dry in original package.12 months from production dateHandlingFor additional handling information on Tianyu CR-40 please consult current safety data sheetOur technical advice - whether verbal, in writing or by way of trials - is given in good faith but without warranty, and this also applies where proprietary rights of third parties are involved. It does not release you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us as to their suitability for the intended processes and uses. The application, use and processing of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, enti- rely your own responsibility. Should, in spite of this, liability be established for any damage, it will be limited to the value of the goods delivered by us and used by you. We will, of course, provide products of consistent quality within the scope of our General Conditions of Sale and Delivery.