Weihai Tianyu New Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Date: 27th May 2016
Outside Tire Release Agent
Description:The outside release is of long time mould release time,Website:http://www.tianyumasterbatch.com,fast dry,so it can instead of the mould release agent.this product is also of good exhausting which make the perfect appearance of tire,also can avoid the degumming at the junction.this product do not contain organic solvent.with correct way,the liquid in the spray gun do not leave special residue,will not blocking the loophole.Application area:The tire industryUsage:We suggest to spray the outside tire release into the surface of tire with air spray gun.this product do not easy deposit,slightly and slowly stirring or circulastion are good for the usage.this product is of special physical character,the tire will be of good function for anti-stalic,special suitable for the radial tire.Technology index:Component:suspension liquid with mineral filling and emulgatorAppearance:black liquidPH:-6-8Solid content:15-18%Safety and transportation:According to the transportation legislation it is classied as a dangerous good.the right way can not cause any hurt.Storage:it must be stored in tightly sealed container,avoid freezed,high temperature and exposure in the sunlight,under above condition,the storage will be at least 12 months.the date of manufacture are stated on the lot number label of packed containers.