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Date: 27th May 2016
Inside Tire Bladder Release Agent
Description?This product is a semipermanent inside tire release agent,Website:http://www.tianyumasterbatch.com,which contains active silisa polymer;this product acts as an interface lubricant between the insise of the tire and the curing bladder.allowing for an easy release of the tire from the bladder after vulcanization.It make the inner part of tire being light, smooth and dry after vulcanizing process, avoid similar negative effects as silica oil product .This product dosage is much smaller, and rapid dry.it can be used many times during demoulding. It also can lengthen life of tire curing bladder,avoid ?bubble and shrink occurred in the tire ,so to reduce reject rate.Usage?when the first time to use this ,please ?clean the tire bladder with ethyl alcohol, ?make sure no residue.or it will effect the quality of coating.then shelling-out the new tire bladder with stoste,and leave enough time to make the coating dry and combine with surface of bladder;dilution the indide tire release with water during vulcanizating,and spray it on the surface of bladder with atomization devices; no sediment during producting,we suggest to slight stir. Suggested dosage :for the first 10 times, spray evenly on the bladder/1~2 vulcanizing process, then according to the working situation. (spray 1~2 times/per shift).Technology index:Composition ?liliquoid of reactivity silicon polymerAppearance ?white liliquoidSolid content ?20-25%?4h/105??PH?20??: 5.0-7.0Package?50kgs/ bag,plastic drum.Safety and transportation:According to the transportation law,the inside tire release belong to non-dangerous goods,proper usage can not cause any hurt.Storage?it must be stored in closed container,avoid freezed,high temperature and exposure in the sunlight,under above condition,the storage will be at least 12 months.the date of manufacture are written in the lot number of packed containers.Special instruction?because the different formula and craft from different manufactory,before using,the user should to have proper test.Above product technology information and data are base on the effective information,we do not offer any guarantee and no infringement.