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Date: 27th May 2016
Accelerator ZDBC
Product SpecificationZDBC(BZ)-80Pre-dispersed Polymer Bound ChemicalsFunctionVulcanizing AgentProduct DescriptionCompositionA homegeneous mixture of zinc di-butyl-dithiocarbamate and polymeric binder at 80/20 ratioAppearanceGrey-white granulesDensity (g/cm3)Approx 1.08Application NotesUseZDBC-80 is a ultra-accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber.In case of blooming,Website:http://www.tianyumasterbatch.com,it always use together with other dithiocarbamates and keep the dosage under 1 phr.It's also a good activator for thiazoles accelerators and very suitable for high-clarity productsDosage0.1-2.0 phrPackaging25 kgs in carton box with polyethylene bag linerStorageKeep cool (below 25 ) and dry in original package.12 months from production date